The local government you've always wanted.

At any time, and from anywhere, your efficient, proactive, transparent and personalized administration for each citizen.

The Covid-19 has brought us the need to accelerate changes that guarantee the safety of citizens and public workers, without this having to close or stop serving our citizens.

VIRTUAL OAC - Citizen Service Office

From Tramit we support local administrations with the new Virtual OAC that allows OAC staff to serve the public by video or chat.

We preserve the safety of public workers and citizens.

We keep local administrations running.

Compatible with measures such as teleworking in the field of public administration.

We avoid movements to contact our administration.

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As a citizen, you can easily make your procedures with the administration


If you are a citizen, why use Tramit?

It allows you to make procedures from wherever you want, saving time and resources.

It asks for your opinion.

It informs you in real time of the things that interest you.

It allows you to keep a record of all your procedures and see what state they are in.

You can manage as many municipalities as you need.

As a city council, it makes it easier for citizens to carry out their procedures and, at the same time, you will speed up your processes.


If you are a city council, why have TRAMIT?

You will comply with current legislation on electronic administrative procedure. .

You will keep neighbors informed of everything, at zero cost and in real time.

You will help create a fairer, more transparent and participatory public administration.

Without having to change the way and systems of work of public workers.

How it works

Designed for everyone, anyone with a smartphone can manage with the local administration


From now on, it allows you to carry out the procedures easily and from your smartphone or computer


You will have a personal space where your procedures will be registered and from where you can manage as many municipalities as you are interested in.


Allows you to receive notifications on your mobile phone


You will be able to receive inquiries and vote based on your interests


1. Through WhatsApp

The user initiates the request to carry out a procedure

2. Digital certificate

The user is logged in

3. Application

The user maintains a chat that leads to a request

4. Register

Receipt of stamped document as the procedure has been completed


Cloud communication platform

It allows you to serve citizens from anywhere

Programmable queuing system

We report the waiting time before being attended to

Programmable locution

When the system is not available, the citizen will know the reason

Availability notices

If the citizen does not want to wait, he / she will be notified when the OAC is available

Soon available, appointment system

To grow in services and improvements, soon you will be able to make an appointment



Questions and Answers

No, Tramit is a free service for citizens. It is the local or supralocal institutions that pay for the license to make the service available to you.
Yes, Tramit is designed so that you can operate with more than one city council from the same application. We try to think of everything; that is why in the process of design and development, we have thought of people who have second homes or small municipalities with joint services. Wherever you are, you can process from Tramit with any city council that has the service.
Tramit is a very ambitious project born of the desire for the public administration to be efficient, both with itself and with the citizens. Tramit is a conceptual challenge and an economic effort to make a need a reality. As we grow with income we will work to develop the most needed procedures. Today you can find the procedures that are most used by the vast majority of citizens. We will also strive so that Tramit can make the arrangements related to other administrations.
Go to the drop-down to select the existing town hall and click on the option "my town hall is not there". A new screen will open where you can tell us what your town hall is. This request will allow us to contact the city council to let them know of the desire to use Tramit by the citizens. The more people who select a municipality, the stronger we will be to get the application to you.
Today Tramit is developed for smartphones and tablets. However, we are working to ensure that the system will soon be a multichannel platform and can be used from the web. As we progress in services such as web-based use or the availability of new procedures, you will receive notifications in the application or in the email.
Of course. As a citizen, the fact that you are not registered with a city council does not exclude the rights and duties you may have as a non-resident.
Yes. Although from Tramit we believe that digital certification should advance is not a process in which today we can intervene and are subject to current laws. That’s why you need to have a digital certification for mobile devices. More information to know what to do.
No, not at all. On the one hand, Tramit has a server in the back office for recovery in the event of a system failure. On the other hand, it is the city council that manages the data; Tramit is just one channel. At Tramit we do not deal with or work with citizen data. Instead, those who contact us using our form, or who sign up to receive our newsletters, will go through a double authorization process (double opt-in). From Tramit we responsibly submit to the provisions of the Organic Law on Data Protection.

Do you have any questions about the app?